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The 19th edition of the European Throwing Cup, which will be held on 9 and 10 March 2019 in x-bionic® sphere, will be another event under the title of European Athletics in Slovakia. In the past, the Slovak Athletics Federation (SAF) has already organised several events for the continental top-class athletes  – in December 2017, the European Cross Country Championship in Šamorín, in 1998, 2001 and 2013, the European Race Walking Cup, and up to six times it hosted one of the Leagues of the European Team Championships, resp. European Cup of Teams (1st league – 2002, 2nd league – 2000, 2006, 2008, 2009, 3rd league – 2013). SAF will also provide athletic competitions at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Košice in 2021.

In June 2016, the European Athletics decided to award the 19th European Throwing Cup to Šamorín. The best European continental throwers – shot putters, discus throwers, hammer throwers, and javelin throwers – start at the European Cup every year in March. Men, women, men under 23 and women under 23 will compete.


Day 1
Time Event Venue
8:45 Hammer Men U23 Venue 1
9:00 Javelin Women Senior, GB Venue 2
9:35 Shot Put Women U23 Venue 1
10:30 Javelin Women Senior, GA Venue 2
10:45 Hammer Women Senior, GB Venue 1
11:50 Victory ceremony Hammer Men U23
12:05 Victory ceremony Shot Put Women U23
12:15 Discus Men Senior, GB Venue 2
12:30 Victory ceremony Javelin Women
13:00 Hammer Women Senior, GA Venue 1
14:10 Discus Men Senior GA Venue 2
14:35 Shot Put Men Senior, GB Venue 1
15:45 Javelin U23, GB Venue 1
16:05 Discus Women U23 Venue 2
16:10 Victory ceremony Hammer Women
16:20 Shot Put Men Senior, GA Venue 1
16:45 Victory ceremony Discus Men
18:05 Victory ceremony Javelin Men U23
18:15 Victory ceremony Shot Put Men
18:25 Victory ceremony Discus Women U23
Day 2
Time Event Venue
8:45 Hammer Women U23 Venue 1
9:00 Javelin Women U23 Venue 2
9:45 Shot Put Women Senior, GB Venue 1
11:15 Hammer Men Senior, GB Venue 1
11:20 Discus Men, U23, GB Venue 2
11:25 Shot Put Women Senior, GA Venue 1
11:35 Victory ceremony Hammer Women U23
11:50 Victory ceremony Javelin Women U23
12:50 Discus Men U23, GA Venue 2
13:15 Hammer Men Senior, GA Venue 1
13:55 Victory ceremony Shot Put Women
14:30 Discus Women Senior GB Venue 2
14:40 Victory ceremony Discus Men U23
15:15 Javelin Men Senior, GB Venue 1
15:45 Victory ceremony Hammer Men
16:00 Shot Put Men U23 Venue 1
16:20 Discus Women Senior GA Venue 2
16:40 Javelin Men Senior, GA Venue 1
18:05 Victory ceremony Shot Put Men U23
18:15 Victory ceremony Discus Women
18:25 Victory ceremony Javelin Men

As of 28 February 2019 and subject to change after the Final Confirmations


x-bionic® sphere

Spend your free moments enjoying sports and relax in the largest multifunctional resort, x-bionic® sphere in Šamorín. Covering a total area of more than 1 000 000 m2, the x-bionic® sphere offers professional conditions for 27 Olympic sport disciplines. In the summer of 2016, x-bionic® sphere became the official Olympic training centre in Slovakia.

Children and adults from 0 to 99 years of age can visit AdventureLand – a multi-functional and educative outdoor playground. Discover its amphitheatre for children, climbing frames, swings, obstacles, as well as stalls designed to enhance the development of motor skills and resourcefulness for toddlers. Special thematic animated events are available for children every weekend.

The resort also offers an exceptional gastronomic experience at restaurants APANI® and Golden Garden which host thematic gastronomic events featuring world-renowned chefs. Entertainment is available at the Legends’ Bar, which offers bowling and billiard, or the unique and inspiring Tuli® Cinema with its original design.

The ideal location of the resort guarantees quick access from Bratislava (30 minutes), Vienna (60 minutes) and Budapest (120 minutes). Their international airports connect the resort with the rest of the world.

Find out more at www.xbionicsphere.com



President                                         Peter Korčok
Vice President                                Ladislav Asványi
Vice President                                Csaba Orosz
SAF Event Co-Ordinator             Vladimír Gubrický
Competition Management       Marcel Matanin
Event Management                     Juraj Svinčák
PR and Media Operations         Michaela Grendelová
Accreditation                                  Miloš Židík
Transportation                                Roman Hanzel
Accommodation                            Simona Švachová

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